National Fellows in Position

Professor D.N Dhanagare

Professor D.N Dhanagare had his education in Nagpur University during 1955-59. He received a Fellowship to persue further Graduate Studies at the University of Massachusetts, U.S.A in 1965-66. He did his D.Phill at the University of Sussex (U.K). His doctoral thesis (OUP, 1983, four reprints thereafter) proved to be a pace-setting work in the study of social movements and in comparative social history and sociology. He won several awards such as Commenwealth Scholarship, I.C.H.R Fellowship, Visiting Asian Scholar at Scandinavian Institute of Asian Studies, Copenhagen, Denmark (1983), UGC National Lecturer, Visiting Research Professor, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies and Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute's Visiting Fellowship in Canada. Besides teaching in Agra University, I.I.T Kanpur, Pune University, he has also held such important positions as Member Secretary ICSSR, New Delhi and the Vice-Chancellor of Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

Professor D.N Dhanagare will be working on 'Populism and Power: New Farmer's Movement in Maharastra (1978-2010)' during his Fellowship at the IIAS.

Professor Udayon Misra

Professor Udayon Misra, former Professor and Head of the Department of English of Dibrugarh University, had his school and college education at St Edmund’s College, Shillong. He did his Post-graduation in English Literature and his LL.B from Gauhati University. His doctoral work on nineteenth century British writing on India has been published as The Raj in Fiction. Apart from his research in post-colonial literature, Misra has been writing extensively on the society and politics of India’s North-East. His publications include The Periphery Strikes Back: Challenges to the Nation-State in Assam and Nagaland (IIAS, Shimla), North-East India: Quest for Identity, and The Transformation of Assamese Identity. His forthcoming book, India’s North-East: Identity Movements, State, and Civil Society is being brought out by OUP. Udayon Misra writes for several leading newspapers and contributes regularly to be Economic and Political Weekly and Book-Review. He has also been a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla and till recently National Fellow of the Indian Council of Social Science Research. At Present he is member of the governing body of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi and is the Visitor’s Nominee to the NEHU Court. He has been the editor of the ICSSR journal Man and Society and currently edits Social Change and Development, the research journal of the Omeo Kumar Das Institute of Social Change and Development.

Professor Udayon Misra,will be working on 'Assam and the Partition: Potent Causes and Unresolved Issues' during his Fellowship at the IIAS.

Professor B. D. Chattopadhyaya

Shri Rajesh Joshi

Professor Meena Alexander

Meena Alexander is Distinguished Professor of English and Women’s Studies at the City University of New York, teaching at the Graduate Center and Hunter College. She has previously taught at the universities of Delhi and Hyderabad as well as EFLU. She holds a B.A. Honors in French and English from Khartoum University and a Ph.D. from Nottingham University. Her poems and prose works have been widely anthologized, translated and set to music. Her most recent book of poetry is entitled *Birthplace with Buried Stones* She is the author of the critically acclaimed memoir *Fault Lines* and editor of the forthcoming anthology *Indian Writers on Writing*. She has published two academic monographs, two books of essays on migration and memory and two novels. She has received numerous awards for her writing including from the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, Fulbright, and Rockefeller Foundations. Her poem `Bright Passage’ can be seen on the wall at the entrance to the Smithsonian exhibit in Washington D.C. *Beyond Bollywood, Indian Americans Remake the Nation*

While in residence at the Institute Professor Alexander will work on a cycle of poems entitled *Dreaming in Shimla (Letter to my Mother)*. Some of these poems are set in the gardens of Rashtrapati Nivas and evoke the encircling landscape of Shimla.



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